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The Robot has been doing cool things and you haven’t noticed

8 December, 2011

it looks that I'm having fun :P


Hi there!, I just wanted to add here a small recap of what I have been doing in the past two months:

In October I was DJing on Casa Jager, a wild party organized by Jägermeister. The secret party was on a big chalet outside Madrid with some cool bands playing there such as Health, Juanita y los Feos or my new discovering, The Cobras a savage electro-something duo from Galicia. My dj set was an all around rock & roll set, it was big fun. You can listen to a selection of the tracks I played there in this Spotify playlist.

Also, in November I did a gig in the reformed Sala Siroco, which now has a super cool lounge bar with awesome cocktails. The sound is awesome too and it’s great to DJ in this place. I think they are revolutionizing the night scene in madrid with some cool parties they are hosting. The set here was mainly composed of soul, funk and disco, and there is an Spotify playlist for it too, check it out here.

I will be doing more gigs in the following months and posting cool stuff, stay tuned on my twitter account @therobot or my Facebook page.


A summer mixtape: The Mighty King of the Beach

12 July, 2011

I am very happy to introduce to yourselves, my dear audience my latest effort, a summer rock mixtape. Probably is not summerish in the traditional sense, probably is not rock as you may thought, or the opposite, let me know.


You can listen to the mixtape below, you can download the thing here for your offline enjoyment or you can listen to the unmixed tracks in the spotify version.


  1. I Want Some More – Dan Auerbach
  2. Where Do You Run To – Vivian Girls
  3. King of the Beach – Wavves
  4. Patty Lee – Les Savy Fav
  5. Slogans – Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
  6. I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien
  7. Little Girl – Death From Above 1979
  8. Take Me All The Way – French Toast
  9. Garbageman – The Cramps
  10. Love Is a Wave – Crystal Stilts
  11. Bright Lit Blue Skies – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
  12. Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
  13. Magical Colors – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Wooden Shjips

30 March, 2010

I been loving them for more than a year and I think it’s about time to dedicate them a blog post.

Wooden Shjips music can be describe as dense, repeatitive, psychedelic rock with long songs and lots of personality. Influenced by Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground and other sonic monsters of the like.

Watch below Motorbike, a great song included in their second album named “Dos”.

Indeed, check “Dos” album out on Southern Lord records, is fantastic. One of my favorites of 2009.


Robot Plays Guitar Dj Set at Ra! Ra! Ra!

11 March, 2010


This thursday night I will be playing music at Sala Ra! Ra! Ra! with Dj Arbusto from Acapulco Club Madrid in a party called Robots vs Arbustos. Expect happy music: indie, rock, electronica, stuff that will make you dance. You can have an advance of what’s coming on my previous post

The place is located at C/ Serrano 41. Entrance is free, the show starts at 23:30.

See you there!.


New Compilation: Mexican Frontier

11 January, 2010

Recently I’ve been attracted about a kind of musical subgenre which seems inspired by Ennio Morricone‘s western soundtracks and tex-mex music. To this mix you have to add some rock and you have epic songs with trumpets, guitars and great instrumentation.

This is the track list included in the compilation:

  1. Orthodox – Marcha de la Santa Sangre.
  2. Calexico – Ballad of Cable Hogue.
  3. The Sadies – I Tried Not To.
  4. The Shadows – Geronimo.
  5. Love – Alone Again Or.
  6. Dick Dale – Spanish Kiss.
  7. Townes Van Zandt – Snake Mountain Blues.
  8. The Shadows – Guitar Tango.
  9. Lee Hazlewood – Jose.
  10. Giant Sand – Without a Word.
  11. Calexico – Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal)

Get it here.


Too many things to do, just a little time

20 August, 2009

Today I just started to thing on how many things I’d like to do, and the small I am able to accomplish. I made a list of all the small projects, things and hobbies I start during a year, for living, having fun, having the feel of creating something, etc. This list follows like this:

First of it is working, you spend lots of time on working, it’s necessary and fortunately for me is quite fun working on ASPgems, also it’s great to do some freelance job from time to time, you get extra money, your CV grows too. As I am a big proponent  of Free Software I feel like I don’t return very much to the comunity, some small how-to on this blog from time to time, a small help on mailing lists or irc, but I’d like to start some small open source project, I’ve already started an Eclipse Plugin some years ago as part of my job for Google’s Summer of Code, but still I have a couple of good ideas that I’d like to start to implement. Also I spent time reading blogs and staying on touch with the latest things on the internet related of my job and also in the business. I feel like my ruby skills are not good enough, so I’d like to start learning more ruby and for sure learning rails as well. Finally I wrote articles for spanish linux magazine Todo Linux which is time consuming too (it remembers me to the university years, doing first all the process while taking notes of it and then writing a document with the process).

The second thing I really enjoy doing is djing, I love to play music for people even if I am not paid. Also I’d like to improve my dj skills and trying to became a real dj, ok maybe not that much real but still try to do it better than now. All of this goes quite tied with another thing that I really love and also is time consuming: music research not only because I need to be always on the new things also because I love music in almost every style and I am always eager to discover new bands. That leads me to another related issue which is attending to music concerts, I do it as much as my time, money and the other stuff  I do allow me to. Very close with djing is podcasting, from time to time I try to make some dj session and upload it to the internet. The latest thing related to music (which as all my friends know is my other big passion besides internet/technology/sysadmin job), I been playing guitar for most than ten years and still I am not a good perfomer but still I feel the need to learn a little bit more, even if it’s playing covers, and even more: I love playing with synthesizers in my computer (perfect for me since is the sum of my biggest passions). Some years ago even I started a band called Calrissians that of course did not have any kind of success. I would like to spent more time on this. Definetly I’d like to start a band with some friends, even we’ve been in some talks to start that in september.

I try to blog here of music and tech things from time to time (hence the title of the blog), but as you know updates are not quite frequent.

Also the third leg of this table is called social life, seeing friends, going out, having a beer or two, preparing a nice dinner for a couple of friend. Sometimes some party, sometimes too much ;) Also this is quite close with djing, and going to concerts.

Finally there are other small hobbies I have: I bought a digital camera some months ago (Canon Powershot G10 if you are interested on this stuff), so I am trying to learn a little bit about photography, digital manipulation of pictures and so on. I love reading novels and technical books too and watching a film from time to time, specially if they are related to music (not necessarily musicals). Also I’m quite interested in learning and expermienting with cooking, learning german, receiving lessons on wine taste and also receiving lessons on swing dance.

So… is it possible to do all of this? How?  I’m feeling sad and stressed of wanting to do so many many many things and not being able to do them. I don’t really want to miss anything in this life.


Happy songs for people who like sad songs

11 May, 2009

La semana pasada se me ocurrió esta hacer la lista de reproducción que da nombre al post, intenté no ser excesivamente obvio en la selección de canciones pero buscar musica agradable y buen rollera. Como salió bastante bien la cosa, os aqui el fichero con las canciones.

Descargar Happy songs for people that like sad songs