Robot Plays Guitar does the Funk thing

14 December, 2011


I just uploaded a new mixtape, this time to mixcloud, which will probably host all of the future mixtapes of Robot Plays Guitar since is an awesome free mixes host service.

You can listen the podcast on its mixcloud page


01. Bettie Everett – The Real Thing
02. Joe Tex – Pneumonia
03. Harvey Averne – Wade on the Water
04. Ike & Tina Turner – Can’t Chance a Breakup
05. Chuck Wood – Seven Days is Too Long
06. Sandi Sheldon – You’re Gonna Make Me Love You
07. Little Richard – Get Down With It
08. Johnny Watson – I Say I Love You
09. Al Wilson – The Snake
10. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Nowhere to Run
11. Etta James – In The Basement
12. Curtis Mayfield – Get Down
13. Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Chicken
14. Dennis Coffey – Theme From Black Belt Jones
15. Henry Mancini – Streets of San Francisco
16. Mantzel – Space Funk (Dopebrother 12″ Remix)
17. Babe Ruth – The Mexican
18. Grover Washington Jr – Inner City Blues


One comment

  1. Hi Valentina, as usual, you made a great summary of the main ideas of the session. Unfortunately, I could not follow what Alex was saying very well because his voice got broken most of the time, I could not see even the chat lines at certain moments and it seemed as if his opening of links on line made my screen go wild and everything got frozen from time to time. I decided not to touch anything since he mentioned any participant could change tools around and I thought that was not a very good idea if we were not completely familiar with this Breeze platform. Then, when he closed the links everything turned to “normal”. I could listen to Giorgina much better and also found the efforts to preserve indigenous languages quite interesting.nSince I had pasted in a word page the links he mentioned, I went afterwards and visited some of them and left a couple of comments here and there. I was particularly interested in this session because my son is talking about goint to live in Australia and I donu00b4t know much about the country.nI think this federally sponsored project has a very good infrastructure dedicated to it and has great potential. I plan to go back to the sites mentioned from time to time.nThanks for sharing your thoughts,nCheers, Berta Come on http://tropaadet.dk/ratliffhines24216081815

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