Wooden Shjips

30 March, 2010

I been loving them for more than a year and I think it’s about time to dedicate them a blog post.

Wooden Shjips music can be describe as dense, repeatitive, psychedelic rock with long songs and lots of personality. Influenced by Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground and other sonic monsters of the like.

Watch below Motorbike, a great song included in their second album named “Dos”.

Indeed, check “Dos” album out on Southern Lord records, is fantastic. One of my favorites of 2009.



  1. anota: mondo drag , dead meadow …. ATP meat

  2. Mondo Drag no los conocía, asi que apunto! Gracias.

    Otra recomendación: Sleepy Sun, de un rollo parecido, mas setenteros.

    • si!

      y The Black Angels? mas ATP candidato a PS :-)

    • That’s more than sesibnle! That’s a great post!

  3. Moon Duo: Escape

  4. That is definately some interesting music. Thanks a lot, I will have to check out more of their stuff!

  5. i loved the distortion on the guitar,
    and the way the drummer laid back. The video
    was pretty good too, looked like san francisco.
    great stuff!

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