Ultimo post de este año.

1 January, 2007

Rocky Votolato – The Night’s Disguise.

the clouds are holding up the dawn / they’re stilts or crutches
I can’t tell which one / to keep the short days looking longer
or to keep the sunlight from falling on broken legs / but the
night’s disguise is wearing thin / caught me looking through
your eyes / no I’m not doing alright / I’m just as stupid and
desperate as I’ve always been / all the uselessness I write
just come at me with a knife / come cut this sickness from my
mind / help me forget about a shattered lie / bleed my failure
into something right / the boss man said there’s no more work
this winter / so go on home now and check back in the spring
some dreams turned out to be a nightmare that you can’t afford
so it’s coming in on a credit card / get yourself all prettied up
my love / come here close let me tie that ironed ribbon / on the
dress I bought you it’s the perfect one / for the perfect night
with the perfect woman / but the night’s disguise is wearing thin

Se que nunca leeras esto, pero queria dedicartelo de todos modos.

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